Our mission at Life Speakers is to help and inspire organizations and individuals by presenting them with information and life skills in the forms of text, audio, video and live speech and to provide world class Chiropractic care and education to our patients and clients.


Some of the greatest motivators in our lives are happiness, recognition, significance, comfort and security. However, achieving these qualities in our lives is a study. It requires effort and to experience this growth in our outer lives we must first grow from within.


Dr. Steven Mills D.C."Dr. Steven Mills is a talented speaker and as a patient of his my self, I can say that he is a brilliant Chiropractic practitioner. I am proud to call him a colleague and a friend."
- Dr. Flora Hyacinth, D.C.
- Three time Olympian: Track & Field
- Former Women's World Record Holder: 45' Triple Jump
"Steven Mills is an entertaining, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable speaker."
- Adrianne Miller
- Dean of Instruction (Life Chiropractic College West)